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On March 11, 2011 at 14:46 JST, the Great East Japan Earthquake took away a number of people’s lives and properties, and traumatized many people, leaving a deep sorrow in their hearts.
There is a long and repeated history of tsunami tragedy. Tsunamiishi, memorial stones showing the height where the tsunami reached, were built every time when tsunami hit the areas.
“Never repeat the tragedy” - it has long been a desire generation after generation.
The Great East Japan Earthquake was said to be the first disaster in the history, where a massive tsunami disaster of Japan was faithfully recorded in detail in images and videos.
The Tohoku Regional Bureau, also hoping that we will not repeat this tragedy again in future like our ancestors who created the tsunamiishi, created this record, in order to let this disaster experiences and lessens be useful to our future generations.

We sincerely hope that this website will help you share the experiences we had in the earthquake and pass them on to the next generation, and contribute to disaster prevention of Japan in future.

You may reproduce the materials such as images and videos on this website.
You may also attach the website materials to documents that you prepare. If you want to use the contents of this website, please send describes the following items in the mail. File number of the reprint request , Intended use , Applicant's name , E-mail address.

Library of selected images

Inside of disaster Response Room
Bridge  Nijyuichihamabashi
Iwate Rikuzentakata

Library of selected videos

Rare aerial footage. The situation immediately after the earthquake and approaching tsunami.
Footage of the tsunami striking Kamaishi shot from a roof.
Footage of tsunami captured by the fixed-point cameras on the national highway
The “Miracle of Sanriku” and the “Road of Life”- What we have learned from the Great East Japan Earthquake
Quietly approaching tsunami
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