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Library has about 10,000 photographs that were taken by not only the Regional Bureaus but also the municipalities and the companies in the construction industry.
The images are sorted in chronological order from the moment of the occurrence of the earthquake. A list of user-friendly keywords is also provided here.
We will continue to expand our library to include the images of the long reconstruction process that we are going to see in the future.

You may reproduce the materials such as images and videos on this website.
You may also attach the website materials to documents that you prepare. If you want to use the contents of this website, please send describes the following items in the mail. File number of the reprint request , Intended use , Applicant's name , E-mail address.

Select a relevant keyword(s) of the images you want to view from the list below; then, press “Search” at the bottom of this page. You may select more than one keyword at the same time.

Disaster- Tsunami-Damaged state etc.
Initial response / Support etc.
Recovery-Temporary facilities etc.
Restoration etc.
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